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ARSA Hall of Fame

The ARSA Hall of Fame honors individuals who have contributed to rural education over a period of many years and has served the cause of rural educators. Selection is made by a committee that consists of the executive board and two other members-at-large. Those selected are not necessarily members of ARSA.

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Tim O’Malley

Tim O'MalleyWith God’s blessings, Timothy John O’Malley is a certified facility manager validated by the International Facilities Management Association lending his practical facility knowledge to rural school districts. Using his background, he helped them with everything from hiring architects, general contractors, and well-drillers to consulting on bus barns, maintenance and facility assessments for the remodel and new construction of schools. He helped numerous rural schools wind their way through the requirements of the Arizona School Facilities Board to refurbish school damage or obtain a new school. 

District projects were managed by him through warranty and beyond, representing them as their agent and making sure the final product would be functional. 

He had many favorite times over the years: opening a new school and watching the students’ expression on their faces; membership on the ARSA teacher-of-the-year committee, always WOW; attending and meeting all the teachers and staff at the annual ARSA conference; and playing Santa at Christmas. Rural school board meetings were always a treat as homemade food filled the room and he deemed it a privilege to be with the staff, parents, and students.

He also had some interesting experiences: preventing a fight between a board president and an architect; keeping county planners from overstepping their authority; driving the state and watching the sun rise in the morning and set at night. Ask Tim where to eat and he can tell you. 

Tim is a native Arizonan. He graduated from ASU with a double degree in secondary education and business and has a masters in organizational management from the University of Phoenix. He worked for the family business for twenty-eight years, starting with cleaning latrines at age 15 to president and general manager of the O’Malley Contract and Manufacturing Division of the O’Malley Affiliated Lumber Companies. After working at Karsten Manufacturing PING as their facilities manager, he and his wife Sharon started The O’Malley Group. In addition to schools, he did project management for numerous Arizona churches, the NASA Power lab for the space station, and grounding research installation at Moffat Field in California.

In retirement, Canon Tim is finally working on Harvey his 48 Chevy pickup which has sat in the garage for twenty plus years, writing a maintenance manual for churches, and maybe for schools, and photographing old barns.